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Application for  Bluegrass and Balloon Festival Sponsorship

Fifth Annual

Sponsorship Level                                          Amount enclosed


I agree to the sponsorship level indicated above, payable to Friends of John A. Wilkinson Building, Inc.
In exchange, Friends of John A. Wilkinson Building, Inc. will provide the entitlements as described for the sponsorship level purchased. 

The sponsor is responsible for providing camera-ready art for advertising and banners. 

Sponsorships may be limited and accepted on a first-come basis.

If the sponsorship is not available, payment will be returned in full.

There will be no refunds after payment is received and sponsorship is accepted.  Payment must accompany this application.  Application and payment should be mailed to:

The Wilkinson Center
P.O. Box 38
Belhaven, NC  27810




The Friends of John A. Wilkinson Building, Inc.

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